Online Dating Ukraine

Online dating in Ukraine is starting to become popular. There are thousands of online dating sites that offer many different things. Some specialized in race or culture others are specified towards interest. Today I would like about online dating Ukraine. This seems to be a very popular trend among men. A lot of men find […]

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Best Online Dating Websites

In today’s world it is so hard to meet that perfect mate. A man is out of options when searching for a woman if he doesn’t hit some sort of social scene. A lot of men have turned to online dating sites as a source of meeting women. It is a very easy way to […]

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Kino Escalation And Testing

The word kino is an abbreviation for “kinesthetic” which means the sense of touch. In pick-up language this means anything referring to touching whether initiated by you or her. The reason why kino is important is that the end result for a pick up artist is to get physical with women. If you build attraction […]

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How To Make Vulnerability Attractive

People get the impression that showing vulnerability is a weakness. Mr. Tough Guy can’t show vulnerability because he is a rock that can’t be broken. That’s just not true. Some of the strongest people can show vulnerability and it makes them appear even strong. It’s ok to let your guard down you just have to […]

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Indicators of Interest

As the name suggests, these indicators will help you gage interest levels women have toward you. Examples of indicators of interest are: She asks for you name She laughs at your jokes She keeps engaging you by asking curious questions The concept was developed by the well known pick up artist Mystery who I have […]

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Peacock Theory

The world’s greatest pickup artist Mystery often talks about his peacock theory. Like a peacock, which elevates their colourful tail in the air, wearing attention grabbing clothing is said to be looking to attract a potential mate. By wearing attention grabbing clothing, you will get more attention (good or bad) from people while the average […]

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Approach Anxiety & Opening Sets

Checkout the video from one of the top pick up artists Mystery. This is bonus footage from Mystery’s top TV show – The Pick up Artist. Mystery is teaching his students how to conquer approach anxiety and the correct way to open sets. You will learn the following: How the best pick up artist get […]

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How To Deliver Stock Material

The way you deliver stock material is more important than the content. Women respond more to men who portray the ‘alpha male’ characteristics of body language (eye contact, body position, voice tonality etc). Learning to internalize stock material helps you to not think about the verbal aspect of the conversation rather more the delivery (non […]

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